EYEVIONICS App Announced to Flight Simulation Community

The EYEVIONICS App has been announced, to an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the flight simulation community.

From the first public mention of EYEVIONICS by Fabian Lauer in his reddit post on October 15 2023, the reaction from the flight simulation community has been more than welcoming of the app and the underlying idea.

Hundreds of comments and messages arrived within mere hours, confirming that EYEVIONICS solves many problems for flight simulation pilots. The video showing some of the app’s features was watched tens of thousands of times.

thresholdx.net, one of the leading websites reporting on the flight simulation industry, also picked up the announcement, along with simflight.com.

Going forward, development on EYEVIONICS will pick up pace. Even though an exact release date cannot be announced yet, the release is planned in 2024.

Portable Glass-cockpit


A glass-cockpit for your tablet, integrated with Microsoft Flight Simulator.