Coming in 2024 for microsoft flight simulator

The glass-Cockpit
on Your Tablet.

Aviate, Navigate, Communicate

The World In Your Hands

With EYEVIONICS, you’ll take control not only of the autopilot, the radios and your aircraft, but you’ll finally take control over your very own glass cockpit.

  • Primary Flight Display
  • Autopilot Control
  • Engine Information
  • Multifunction Flight Display
  • Radio Tuning
  • Custom Panel Layout

All in One

You Have Controls, Captain.

Extra hardware not required: EYEVIONICS comes with autopilot control, radio tuner and much more, built in. You can use multiple tablets and phones at the same time, each with their own independently customizable layout.

  • Custom Panel Layout
  • Android & iOS
  • Multi-Device Support
  • Tablets & Phones

Explore the globe


Explore the globe in 3D: Near worldwide coverage gives you the best spatial awareness possible.

  • Near global coverage
  • In PFD & MFD
  • 30m resolution
  • Freely explore in MFD


What people are saying

That’s something I always wanted!

Redditor in r/flightstim

“An Innovation in Home Cockpit Software”

“This is an absolute must. I used to do this with a dual monitor setup”

Redditor in r/flightstim

“Very interested! I currently use my IPad pro for Navigraph only but this would be a gamechanger!”

Redditor in r/flightstim

“I must say it looks fantastic”

Redditor in r/flightstim

“Your glass cockpit app looks amazing, like
what ForeFlight tries to do, but so much smoother”

Redditor in r/flightstim

Your personal flight deck


Flying an A320n with eyevionics


Easy to use

Usability is a feature: EYEVIONICS is built with ease of use in mind. Installing takes minutes.

customiZable interface

Change the layout and add panels as you wish. Design your cockpit panel layout to fit your mission, with just a few clicks.


The latency between simulator and EYEVIONICS displays is in measured in milliseconds.


EYEVIONICS combines best practices of glass-cockpit design into an intuitive UI.

Always Up To Date

EYEVIONICS makes sure you can get the latest updates without a hassle.

More Features Coming!

EYEVIONICS is improved continuously, with many more features to come.


Frequently Asked questions

Does EYEVIONICS support flight simulators other than Microsoft Flight Simulator?
It will; in fact, EYEVIONICS early versions were developed connected to X-Plane. Due to its popularity though, Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently the only fully integrated flight sim. In the future, X-Plane will very likely be supported.
Can I use multiple devices at the same time?
Yes! This is a very central feature of the EYEVIONICS app. Regardless of your combination of operating systems, you can run EYEVIONICS on multiple devices in parallel. For example, 2 iPads, or 1 Android tablet plus 1 iPad, or an iPhone and an iPad.
Does it support planes only, or also helicopters, gliders and other aircraft types?
EYEVIONICS is agnostic to the type of aircraft and technically supports all of them. Some parts of the UI work best with the most common types of aircraft though; the built-in engine information view for example, works best with between 1 and 4 engines.
Do I need to install a plugin in the simulator?
Yes, but installation and configuration is easy and should be a matter of a few minutes.
Do I need an internet connection to use the app?
For full support of all mapping features, yes. For core features, like a 2D PFD, autopilot control, engine information, etc, no internet connection is required, only a local network (WiFi).
Will it run on my tablet or phone?
EYEVIONICS supports iOS and – due to many requests from the community – it also supports Android. However, if your exact device is supported depends on a few factors: The operating system, the processor and the memory. Please compare your device specs with the system requirements for EYEVIONICS.
Can EYEVIONICS be used for real-life flight navigation?
The navigation data, terrain data and maps available in the app are only fit for use in flight simulation and are unfit for flight navigation in real life. So, you cannot use the app for navigation in actual aircraft… for now.
Is Navigraph supported?
Not yet, but an integration is planned. And eagerly awaited.
What type of navdata is supported?
Airports & Runways, airspaces, VOR, NDB, ILS, RNAV Waypoints, VRPs (visual reporting points) and obstacles. Tacan support is planned.
Is there any latency between the simulator and the app?
Normally, the latency is not noticeable, but it depends both on your WiFi speed (not your internet connection) and the performance of the PC on which you’re running Microsoft Flight Simulator. If your experience stuttering in the simulator, then the app will stutter as well.
What will it cost?
Pricing will be announced closer to the release date.