Coming in 2024

A Glass-cockpit
on your tablet

EYEVIONICS is an Electronic Flight Information System that runs on your tablet,
currently integrated with Microsoft Flight Simulator.
It features autopilot control, radio tuning & navigation, engine information and more.
And to top it all off, you can get 3D Terrain for PFD and MFD.

Aviate, Navigate, Communicate

An Entire Glass-Cockpit
in your hands

Imagine you could control all important aircraft systems from a single device. Imagine you could also use it as a PFD & MFD. Now imagine it would just work with all your favourite aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator, helicopter or airplane. That’s EYEVIONICS.

  • Primary Flight Display
  • Autopilot Control
  • Engine Information
  • Multifunction Flight Display
  • Radio Tuning
  • Analogue Instruments

Explore the globe


Explore the globe in 3D: Near worldwide coverage gives you the best spatial awareness possible.

  • Near global coverage
  • In PFD & MFD
  • 30m resolution
  • Freely explore in MFD

As portable as it gets

Android & iOS

Build your very own glass-cockpit with your Android or iOS devices. Got a couple of old tablets you’re not using anymore?

  • Android & iOS devices
  • Tablets & Phones
  • Multiple devices in parallel



Use EYEVIONICS’ 2D and 3D tiles in your GIS application, hosted in the cloud or on your premises.


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